Training + Capability Development


“I’m only a domestic worker.” When your staff only see the task in front of them, they disengage.  They’re less committed to the wellness of the people they serve.  More likely to leave. What is it costing your organisation to have staff sleep-walking through their work?

Most of your staff already have basic training.  They can do the work, but do they see its value? How many of them feel that you’ve invested in them as people?

Transforming your organisation begins with shifting mindset. Frontline staff are the face of your organisation: your reputation and the client’s experience. Managers and back-office staff direct and resource the detail and direction. We need to shift staff’s attitudes, across the organisation, to bring out the dignity in their work.

What we offer

We equip your staff with the mindset and the skills to deliver exceptional service:

  • Customer service: Delivering an excellent client experience.
  • Enablement: Embedding the Wellness Model into frontline care.
  • Managing frontline teams: Instilling shared values and standards in teams, including managing geographical differences.
  • Communication skills: Clear, respectful and appropriate communication with clients and colleagues.
  • Leadership: Distilling, articulating and sharing a vision.

How we work with you

We lift your people up. We do that through engaging presentations, interactive exercises — and showing basic human respect.  Your staff feel both challenged and valued. When they feel taken seriously, they begin to take their work more seriously.

Because we’re external trainers, your staff members can come with a clean slate.  If they have a history of performance issues or interpersonal conflict, this baggage is left at the door. Now we can achieve breakthroughs in understanding and team cohesion.

Every training program is tailored. We factor in your context and weave in case studies.  Where is your organisation now? Where do they need to be? Are regional areas different?

Your staff feel that the training is speaking directly to them.

We’re ready to share our
insights and experience