Strategic Planning


Is your organisation keeping pace or falling behind? Your viability and relevance is at stake. Strategic planning cannot be yet another rote exercise: repeating the established frameworks. You know that change is needed — but how do you get from here to where you need to be?

The situation calls for an external perspective. Someone unbiased and free from embedded dynamics and agendas.  Someone with the analytical skills to cut to the core of the matter.  At the same time, that perspective must make sense in your world. You need consultants specializing in servicing your sector.

Elm Consulting brings that experience, with a track record of community sector leadership. We equip you for the transition to a new, sustainable business model. We see your organisation not just for what it has been, but what it has potential to become.

What we offer

Strategic planning is a chance for you to take a breath.  To step back from the everyday demands and consider your future.

  • Clarifying your vision and mission
  • Surveying your environment
  • Locating opportunities for growth
  • Setting objectives, indicators and measures
  • Prioritising resources and energy
  • Pinpointing the necessary internal changes (in staffing, structure, policy and processes)
  • Creating strategies
  • Setting action plans

How we work with you

When you’re venturing into new territory, you need a trusted guide. We’ve led organisations like yours through this process.  Some of those organisations have themselves become leaders in their field.

Serving the community sector is our life’s work. We dedicate hours each week to researching changes in your sector. That means when you’re facing a new report or a new policy, we’re already aware of it, and are considering its implications for your work. Your strategic planning starts further down the road.

We’re ready to share our
insights and experience