Corporate + Community Engagement


When local people think of aged care and community services, who’s the first provider that comes to mind? When larger businesses look for a provider to partner with, who’s at the top of their list?

It’s a matter of relevance. Your community and corporate partners want to know who you are and what you offer. How does that align to their needs and their values? They will be drawn to a provider that belongs: one with established roots in the community.

Many engagement campaigns fail because they are too transactional. They reflect short-term thinking and wasteful marketing. That’s why the success of your engagement campaign is determined long before you schedule the first meeting. We need to understand who is a natural fit for your organisation – and what you can give.

We need to work from the inside out.

What we offer

We do the internal work to make each engagement relevant and credible.  This includes, strengthening corporate governance and solidifying leadership.

We design your corporate and community engagement — and we prepare you for action.

  • Analysing stakeholder sets and profiling your community to identify opportunities
  • Clarifying and aligning your values and mission
  • Setting the right mix of engagement activities, including workshops, high-level meetings and public relations (noting that we’re not saying you’d do a PR strategy)
  • Crafting key messages
  • Developing your confidence and presentation skills

How we work with you

We’re strategic. Our work aligns to your overarching business direction and core values. We help you move away from ad hoc outreach to being targeted, goal-driven and measurable.

We think bigger. Conventional engagement plans only ask for money. But there’s a much wider spectrum of corporate engagement: seconding skilled staff to support your corporate team. In-kind support. Volunteering opportunities. We help you access the full spectrum.

We speak both languages. We bring both corporate and community sector management experience. We translate what you offer into the language of business — and vice versa.

With a common language, your outwards engagement bears fruit.

We’re ready to share our
insights and experience