Corporate Governance


Is your organisation in deadlock? New direction is needed, but your organisation is tied to old ways of working.  You see opportunities for growing service delivery, and tapping innovation. Yet you keep running into resistance.

Without strong corporate governance, even the simplest decisions absorb too much time and energy – if they are made at all.  Too often, crucial conversations are derailed by distractions and personal agendas.

At the board level, there can be a lack of openness to your vision. Instead, the dominant thinking shows a lack of diversity in experience.  Background.  Outlook.  Across your organisation, managers and directors are too comfortable with the way things have been, to take the organisation where it needs to go.

We’re ready to help.

What we offer

As senior management consultants for the aged and community sector, we bring objectivity and insight. We draw on both private sector acumen and a record of innovative leadership in not-for-profits. We understand your world. Whether it’s aged care, community services, or frontline healthcare, we bring immediate management experience to bear on your corporate governance challenges.

We collaborate with you to unblock decisions. We ensure you have the right people to pursue your vision, the right processes for useful conversations – and the right culture. We do that through:

Overarching governance review

Does your current governance system work? You may also have a specific issue in mind, such as working towards seeking corporate partnerships.

Foundational documents analysis

Does your constitution, board and committee charters align to your strategic direction? We’ll also assess board agendas and reporting documents, to ensure that critical information is flowing to you as it should.

Board evaluation

How is your board progressing against your strategic plan? We’ll also review the board make-up and dynamics: do you have the right mix of people, and are they working together?

Organisational structure design

Are reporting and delegations designed to achieve your goals? Or is there unnecessary duplication and areas of stagnation?

Cultural change

Are all decision-makers aligned to your vision, mission and values.  We’ll begin changing managers’ mindset from being wedded to process to being open to innovation.

How we work with you

When we work with you on corporate governance, we are always respectful of your situation, and your specific requirements.  We won’t impose ready-made solutions and frameworks.

But nor will we shy away from difficult conversations. We’ll challenge rusted-on habits and assumptions. We’ll bring corporate governance best practice into the room.

With our help, your governance is transformed from a source of uncertainty and frustration and into the grounds for growth.

What our
clients say

“As a hospital working with multiple stakeholders, we needed a comprehensive and objective approach with a focus on international best practice. An immediate result of working with Janis was the clarity that came with understanding our current state and the required end state.”
Dr Elikem Tamaklo, Medical Administrator, Ghana

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