Who we are

We serve aged and community sector businesses:

building you up to sustain your growth.

Within the sector, the areas we focus on are:

Aged Care


Disability Care


Community Service


That’s where we see the most room to do good. We see organisations with a long tradition of service, suddenly faced with new demands. A radically different model mandated by Government. Clients who expect optimal service, and have the freedom to choose who provides it.

The new environment demands that your organisation transform root and branch: from resetting the 10-year vision, to reframing the decisions made every day by workers on the frontline.

We exist to help you make that change.

“From my experiences of turning organisations around, I realised that values are absolutely crucial. In complex times, you have to be aware of your values and stay aligned to them, to navigate what’s ahead.”
Janis McKenna

, Founder, ELM Consulting


We start with values

Values make your choices clear. When values are distilled, your organisation can hold its course. And when your values are shared, you hold on to good people. Staff feel connected to a common purpose. They tap into a shared source of identity and resilience.

Our advice is actionable

Our advice is conceptually sound — and deeply practical. We don’t just lay out a blueprint. We define all the actions and commitments to build the future state: changes to governance and training for staff.

Our experience spans sectors

We’ve led a spectrum of organisations, and we bring those insights to your service. The efficiency and rigour of the private sector.  The empathy and mission-driven work of the community sector. Whatever your context, we bring a fresh perspective.

We transform organisations

We’ve taken organisations from a place of chaos and crisis to sustainability and confidence.  And we did this when others thought there was no prospect of success.

The decisions you face may be confronting.  If change was straightforward, it would have already happened. But have the resources and experience to support you at every stage.


We use a range of approaches, always tailored to your situation:



governance +
business analysis

Talent + capability



Janis McKenna is the founder of Elm Consulting.  She is a Chair, executive and non-executive director with more than 35 years’ experience in executive management. She’s also held board positions in Australia, Republic of Ireland and Ghana.

As a highly-respected advocate, Janis advised two Tasmanian Premiers, Ministers of Health and Human Services (both Australian Commonwealth and Tasmanian State) and is a past Chair of the Tasmanian Advisory Council on Multicultural Affairs. She was also a member of the Premiers Disability Advisory Council and Premiers National Disability Insurance Scheme taskforce.

In 2009 Janis won the prestigious Telstra Business Women’s Award in the Tasmanian Government and Community Category for her achievements in the Tasmanian community services sector. That same year, she also won the Institute of Managers and Leaders/Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Leader of the Year Award.

Her qualifications include an MBA and graduation from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She is proud to be part-owner and non-executive director of the Nyaho Medical Centre, the first private hospital in Accra Ghana, which her late father started in 1970. Nyaho’s client base includes diplomatic missions, and large corporate clients such as Unilever and Nestle.

A champion for aspiring women leaders, Janis draws on her diverse and challenging experiences to coach and mentor women both in Australia and overseas. Janis is immediate past Australian President of Women Chiefs of Enterprises International and is a sought-after speaker on leadership, personal branding, and rebuilding business.

What our clients say

“Since engaging Janis as a mentor and coach the team has improved its ability to work closely together. We’ve done that through increased communication, reviewing the company structure and the meetings schedule as well as making many other changes to increase our effectiveness.”
Leanne Wallace, General Manager, Work and Training

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